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Grade 10 team participates in Thinkquest web designing competition

21/10/2008 22:28
 Grade students formed a team to participate in ThinkQuest international web designing competition that is organized by Oracle education organization.

MBC2 2 minutes video competition

21/10/2008 22:24
 Students can apply for participation in MBC2 2 minutes video competition through Mr.Ahmed Khalil in computer department. Students should submit a 2 minutes video in order to participate in the competition. More information is available on the following web site:

Grade 5 project: Bubbles newspaper

21/10/2008 22:21
 Grade 5 in the Canadian section started working on a newspaper project that will mainly cover school news and will provide articles and interviews about different aspects of life. Grade 5 choose the name Bubbles for their newspaper title.

Canadian Section Iftar

28/09/2008 17:53
 The Iftar of the Canadian section was held on Sunday 28th sep. Parents, teachers, and students joined Mrs. Nermine Al-Ashquar, the school principel and Mr. Abdul Aziz Abbas, the school deputy in the friendly atmosphere of the dish party Iftar.


20/08/2008 23:12
  Free electronic library at school: Electronic Library is open now. More than 5000 titles in different subjects are available for students and teachers through school's computers, and more books are added regularly: Main Books list: books.txt (135,9 kB) Free full text online...

New event

20/08/2008 19:15
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